AquaOx Whole House Water Filtration System Review

In this AquaOx Water Filter review, we want to first call your attention to our initial discussion regarding the popular point-of-entry AquaOx system on our primary page introducing whole house water filters.

Because it is such an outstanding, well-made product, we decided to talk about this a little bit more in greater detail. We believe that you will agree that this particular system is one of the best that we have seen, and definitely worth your consideration.

AquaOx Whole House Water Filter


AquaOx Water Filter Review Introduction - A Leader In Whole House Filtration

Ordinarily, when we see systems that have a similar look to the AquaOx (e.g. the Pelican), we don't think in terms of "stages" the way we do when considering filters like Reverse Osmosis systems, which have anywhere from 2-7 stages.

But the AquaOx is different, and uses 7 stages in its design.

And it is this 7-stage filter process used by the AquaOx whole house water filtration system that is a huge part of why it is viewed by many experts and homeowners as being the best home water filter on the market.

AquaOx Explains the Importance of Removing Excess Chlorine

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of removing excess chlorine from your water. Michael Corcoran, the president of AquaOx demonstrates how chlorine can get absorbed through your skin in this video (our discussion continues below):

Features and Benefits of the AquaOx Filtration System

Its performance is thorough and impressive and this is another reason more and more homeowners are gravitating towards it. Below are details of its performance along with other characteristics that make this filtration system stands out from among the rest:

AquaOx Water Filter Performance - Efficient and Reliable

As it relates to performance, the system is, without a doubt, tremendously reliable and efficient. Its 7-stage filtration process eliminates 99.9 percent of contaminants, toxins and heavy metals from your water. Each stage is designed specifically to provide optimal water filtration:AquaOx 7-Stage Filters

  • With the pre-sediment filter, the initial stage eliminates larger sediments like rocks, dirt or hair.
  • The second phase, the KDF 55, eliminates metals like chlorine and mercury. Additionally, it restricts the growth of fungi, algae and bacteria. The second stage also reduces limescale and mold, which makes your shower and bathtub last longer.
  • The fourth stage uses KDF 85 to filter out hydrogen sulfide. Not only will this refine the water but it will assist in removing all the remnants of the large solids as well.
  • The fifth stage involves the use of Centaur Catalytic Adsorptive Carbon and this removes hydrogen sulfide, VOCs and chloramines.
  • In the sixth stage, an activated coconut shell carbon is used to eliminate VOCs, chlorine and chlorinated solvents.
  • In the seventh stage, Filter-AG eliminates turbidity and suspended material - and this means that you will experience less of a drop in water pressure.

Outstanding Design

The unique design of this system makes it a remarkable option for any home. However, it is important to note that a generous space is needed as its dimensions are a bit larger when compared with other models. The system is made in Ohio and put together in South Carolina, which means you will benefit from the best American quality.

Features That Stand Out

The Aquaox point-of-entry water filtration system has many remarkable features. It has a 60-micron filter and decontaminates as much as 1.2 million gallons. Furthermore, the product is self-cleaning, meaning it automatically washes itself to keep the layers clean.

It also has Vortech plates which detached the media at two key points. They are used along with the sanitizing backwash, which minimizes the corrosion of the filter media. Another fascinating feature of the Vortech plates is the special design that causes the water to find the fastest path through the filter media, thus amplifying the effectiveness of the filtration.

Ease of AquaOx Installation and Maintenance

It is easy to install the AquaOx as detailed installation instructions are included in the package. Having said that, Mike Corcoran (the company president) has created numerous videos that discuss this - one of which says that he would "prefer" it if you had a licensed plumber install it for the simple reason that a licensed plumber is not only already very familiar with everything that is required to install a system like this, but also is prepared to address any particular issues that could arise (e.g. if any of your pipes are compromised, etc).

Ok, now that you know Mike's "official" opinion, he also recognizes that there are a lot of homeowners who would prefer to install the system themselves, and this is actually a fairly simple process. For an introductory look at what is involved in the installation, check out this short video from Mike:

Once installed, there is no need to be concerned about its maintenance as the self-sanitation system renders cartridge replacement unnecessary. Having this type of system since lessens the hassle and cost of replacing cartridges.

Customers typically ask how often they need to clean the unit given that it has an estimated 10 - 20 years of effective filtration (in the video we shared earlier on the AquaOx post at the Whole House Water Filter page, you'll hear Michael Corcoan, the company's president, mention that a system from 20 years ago is still going strong). The answer is that there is no cleaning requirement. During installation, the automatic "backwash" clock/timers is set so that every 4 days, it cleans the pre-sediment filter.

All that needs to be remembered is that should your power go out, once it comes back on, simply re-set the timer/clock on the unit. Here is a quick video about the maintenance requirements of the AquaOx:

Price Considerations: How Much Does the AquaOx Cost?

This system is a bit more costly up front than some cheaper brands and models (at the time of this writing it is running about $3,500 for their most popular unit which is suitable for most homes. The price includes shipping); however, it is well worth the price and this should be expected from a system that delivers so much - after all, how many other systems can say that their models will last an average family of about 4 people close to 20 years without needing to replace anything - even the filter itself?
(Answer Spoiler: None. This is the only model we have seen thus far that can make this claim.)

There are the two models:

  • Most Homes with 1- 3 1/2 Bathrooms: This model is sized for homes and/or condos at a medium size, with 1-3.5 bathrooms. The flow rate is 15 Gallons per Minute (GPM), and will filter in excess of 2 million+ gallons. Price Point: Approx $3,500, including shipping, (before any AquaOx coupon codes).
  • Larger Homes or Commercial Spaces with 4+ Bathrooms: This model is sized for very large homes and/or commercial buildings that have 4 or more bathrooms. The flow rate is 37 GPM, and will filter more than 3 million gallons of water. Price Point: Approx $4,999, including shipping, (before any AquaOx coupon codes)

AquaOx Water Filter Coupon Code

Fortunately, you can save $200 right now with the following, exclusive AquaOx coupon code: MANIA200 - Simply apply the code "MANIA200" when you go to check out on the AquaOx site (here), and your discount will show up immediately!

There are also some occasions where AquaOx coupons will be available during certain sales throughout the year. Certainly visit the site to check on that; because we've sometimes seen the company offer savings of up to $500 on your purchase of over $2,000! That's quite the incentive!

However, even if there isn't a special deal going on (e.g. holiday promos like Black Friday, etc), you know that we'll have a promo code here waiting for you!

Financing is Available

For homeowners who would prefer a payment plan, AquaOx offers the option of paying through PayPal, which has an excellent financing program called PayPal Credit where you can pay for your system interest-free (if paid within 6 months - see the offer for details).

In addition to providing clean and tasty water for drinking, cooking and doing the laundry, your skin will be remarkably rejuvenated from using this water.

Additionally, appliances will last longer as the filtered water will safeguard them against certain damages. It will also prevent the appliances from having to be frequently serviced; thereby, saving you money. The system is NSF certified and comes with a 7-year warranty; therefore, you can be assured your water will always be safe.

A Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Company

Although we did mention this on our page that gave an overview of the top overall whole-house systems, it bears mentioning again that AquaOx's co-founder and president, Michael Corcoran, is a retired, service-disabled US Army Lt. Colonel. As such, AquaOx is a designated Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, and has been in business as a privately held company since 2007. 

The company and his product are a passion for Michael, and is part of his "Live Clean - Live Green" strategy, and they are members of the US Green Building Council.

AquaOx is Made in the USA

One final thing that we noticed is that the AquaOx is USA made.

Before you leave, check out this nice segment that featured Michael Corcoran and AquaOx - this aired in 2018 on Modern Living with kathy ireland® - and thank you for reading!