A Look at the Pelican Whole House Water Filter System

2024 Update: In 2019, Pelican was sold to Pentair/Pentek, and we are updating our links to reflect this change. Please bear with us! It appears that the only Pentair/Pentek products currently available on Amazon are parts and filters. Because the company changed hands, we cannot determine whether or not the quality or even the products we originally described in this video are the same. We will leave the review as it stands; only be aware that information may not be current.

That said, see the Pentair/Pentek Amazon Storefront here. The company’s direct website is: www.Pentair.com.

To see our review of AquaOx, another leading whole house filter that we think highly about (for various reasons), click here.


Components of the Pelican Whole House Water Filter System

One of the primary reasons so many homeowners love having a whole house filtration system is how many aspects of their lives are improved by such a seemingly simple addition to their homes!

First, you will be able to bask in softer, more luscious hair and skin, free of the dehydrating impacts of chemicals. But equally important, you will also be able to notice the difference in the water used for cooking and brewing tea and coffee with much tastier, filtered water (also without all the added chemicals).

Pelican’s 5-Stage System:

Below are details of the stages water goes through with the Pelican system:

Stage 1: Pre-filter

At the start of it all is their 5-Micron Pre-Filter System. At this stage, the system reduces silt, sand, debris and sediment in the water to a size of 5 microns. And the nice thing about this pre-filter is that here, alone you are filtering out a LOT of “stuff” that isn’t going to “gum up” the rest of the works (making your overall system last longer!). It even removes *gulp* little “crustaceans” (yes you heard that correctly) called Copepods, which – believe it or not – can live in reservoirs and other public supplies. Who knew?

Stages 2 and 3: GAC – or Granular Activated Carbon Media

In stages 2 and 3, high-grade catalytic carbon filters are activated to remove pesticides, chlorine, industrial solvents, pharmaceuticals and hundreds of other contaminants and chemicals.

Stage 4: This stage is the “Pelican Media Guard”

At this stage, the bacteriostatic Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or “KDF” filter – a copper-zinc media helps to decrease and stop the growth of algae and bacteria. Read more about KDF filtration stages here.

Stage 5: Optional Ultra-Violet (UV) Light

Why might you want to include a UV System with your model? The biggest reason some homeowners opt to include this stage is because it kills 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms and pathogens (which helps give you a safeguard in case of any “boil water” advisories that can happen at any time). Also, the UV sterilization isn’t going to change the way your water tastes, and it won’t add any odor either!

The whole house purification systems from Pelican deliver filtered water to each shower and tap in the home at the point-of-entry. This ensures that all the water is filtered and the water quality is consistent throughout the home. Installing one of our whole house systems gives peace of mind as it gets rid of dangerous and irritating contaminants, delivering healthier and safer water.

Two Primary Whole House Models

Pelican offers a couple of options, and one or the other will surely suit your situation.


The PC600 is best for smaller homes that have anywhere from 1 – 3 bathrooms. With a capacity of 600,000 gallons, you can expect to get about 8-12 GPM. Change out the Sediment Pre-Filter every 6-9 months, and the media in the tank every 5 years or so (or between 600,000 and 650,000 gallons).



The PC1000 is better suited for larger homes and buildings requiring a higher flow rate. If you have 4-6 bathrooms, this is the model for you. The PC1000 has a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons, and a flow rate of about 12-16 GPM.

On this model, you will change out the Sediment Pre-Filter every 6-9 months, and the tank media every 5 years (or at about 1,300,000 gallons).

Possible Health Risks of Chloramine and Chlorinated Water


Chlorine and ammonia are combined to make chloramine, which is a inferior disinfectant when compared to chlorine alone. The 3 different types of chloramine are monochloramine, trichloramine and dichloramine. They are all respiratory irritants but trichloramine is the most lethal.

Chloraminated vapor from household usage like baths, showers, dishwashers and hot tubs contains volatilized chemicals; when inhaled, this could irritate the respiratory tract. Additionally, prolonged exposure to chloramine is linked to health conditions that impact the skin, kidneys, blood and gastric/digestive tract.

Chlorinated Water

Studies have shown that asthma can be activated by chlorinated water exposure. Chlorine is also linked to outbreaks of dermatitis. A study was conducted on 46 communities in Wisconsin where the levels of chlorinated water ranged between 0.2 and 1 milligram/liter. Higher levels of chlorinated water were linked to low-density lipoprotein levels and higher serum cholesterol.

It was theorized by researchers that calcium and chlorine in drinking water could interact in a way that impacts lipid levels. A case-control, population-based study of adults who were exposed or not exposed to long-term use of chlorinated water (for half a lifetime), revealed a heightened risk of bladder cancer in persons who consumed chlorinated water in comparison with individuals who did not.

Advantages of Using Pelican Whole House Water Filter

• Removes major contaminants like sediment from the water.
• Delivers cleaner, filtered water to every water source around the home.
• Reduces potentially dangerous disinfectants like chlorine and chloramines when they enter the plumbing system.
• Extends the lifespan of appliances like washing machines, hot water tanks, coffeepots and dishwashers.

About the Optional Ultra Violet Protection

There are advantages to having a water filter with the UV sterilization unit, which we touched on this a moment ago. Now, let’s look at how this works. Through a process known as thymine dimerization, UV light pierces and forever alters microorganisms’ DNA rendering them inactive and incapable of reproducing or spreading infection. However, UV light by itself cannot remove contaminants like heavy metals, chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Therefore, using a whole house water filter with UV protection is essential. This is definitely worth the peace of mind it can give you!

Summary of the Benefits of the UV Stage:

Besides all the remarkable benefits previously listed, including UV protection in your Pelican whole house filtration system provides the benefits below:

  • Kills pathogens like bacteria and viruses by preventing reproduction
  • Removes the hepatitis virus, which is extremely resistant to chlorinated water
  • Prevents the necessity of adhering to local boil water alerts
  • Destroys as much as 99.9 percent of giardia, E. coli, cryptosporidium and other harmful microorganisms

Having a Pelican whole house filtration system installed in your home will give you confidence that the water is cleaner and safer, whether it comes from the shower, kitchen sink or sprinklers around your yard.